Our Story

Velo was formed after having varying experiences in the professional services arena, from commercial banking, Fortune 100 Auditing, to private equity funds and specialty investments. Among these experiences we developed a common love of entrepreneurship as we saw visionaries produce concepts and ideas that created disruptive business models which shape the future of industry.

We believe economies are formed by bold, envisioned, and courageous entrepreneurs who shape culture and build progress. Over time, our collective experiences translated into insights, and we observed stage-specific barriers to growth that entrepreneurs experience. Though many of these barriers are common to entrepreneurship, we noted challenges that were unique to the historical moment we are in and the differing industry impacts as a result.

Velo Advisers is a professional services firm that was formed with this entrepreneurial context in mind. Today, our firm represents a broad group of professional credentials and technical disciplines that are leveraged to create the tools, resources, and infrastructure network needed to grow brands that are in the Lower Middle Market.  

Clients Served
Years of Experience

Our Team

We work together to serve and innovate within the industries we touch. We collaborate with our clients to make sound, risk-adjusted decisions and challenge the status quo, while providing the highest quality of customer service possible.

Our Core Values


Build Something Different.

We bring our pioneering spirit into every engagement where we challenge the norm, drive change, and create value for the brands represented by our clients. We partner with them in thinking creatively about their business model, value proposition, and growth strategy to position them within their markets as thought leaders, culture makers, and industry disruptors.


Build Something Together.

We build strategic, long-term client relationships with entrepreneurs that share our vision of improving the world through products and services that promote progress, truth, and goodness. We do this by having a clientele that is widely distributed across various industry value chains and are at differing stages in their business life cycles.


Build Something That Lasts.

We forge legacies for our clientele by starting with the ‘telos’ and understanding the impact they want to leave on our world. We then partner with our clients in building roadmaps to create sustainable competitive advantages within their markets to achieve their goals, promote the underlying valuation of their business, and compound their industry influence.


Build It The Right Way.

We strive to engage in fair and well-intentioned business practices that honor the clients we serve, the team we employ, and the stakeholders we interact with. We do this by going beyond the ethics codes that regulate our engagements to ensure all are treated with a common dignity and respect.