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By gross revenue criteria, entrepreneurs in the Lower Middle Market (“LMM”) have outgrown the resources relevant to the startup ecosystem but also find that traditional Management Theory (that revolves around Publicly Traded Companies) to be foreign. This can result in entrepreneurs acclimating to an unfamiliar business context while relying on personal intuition, peer networks and historical successes as their guiding principles for business strategy. Velo Advisers has a broad suite of IT, accounting, tax, finance, and advisory services needed to support the personnel, application, and functionality needs of businesses in the Lower Middle Market.

After speaking with thousands of entrepreneurs in the United States representing different growth stages and industries, Velo has observed that, though business goals vary widely, entrepreneurs in the LMM have common barriers to growth. Some of these barriers are described as follows:

Personnel Management:

  • The Owner is learning to be an effective business manager, not just a visionary.
  • Key personnel are in roles due to tenure or owner loyalty, often resulting in a lack of technical skill related to their role or routines.
  • Underdeveloped talent recruitment and employee development practices inhibit business advancement.

Operating Systems &
IT Infrastructure:

  • Technology adoption is driven by historical operational needs, not by a Technology Roadmap, resulting in an IT ecosystem.
  • Poor Application functionality and loose user controls create data security and integrity issues.
  • Departments, functional roles, and layers within a Company reference different systems for monitoring business movement, resulting in less opportunities to standardize processes or gain operational visibility.

Strategic Planning & Financial Structure:

  • The concentrated presence of Business Model Risk challenges the owner to continuously innovate their revenue model for diversity, continuity, and quality.
  • Owners assume more risk in the form of debt, thus making the business a larger determinant of their personal net worth.
  • Underdeveloped risk management practices for the business and the owner (i.e. shareholder agreements, life insurance, trust, estate, and tax planning, etc.) create exposure when unforeseen circumstances or life events occur.

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We aren't just your average specialty consulting firm. Our team works together to serve and innovate within the industries we touch. We collaborate with our clients to make sound, risk-adjusted decisions and challenge the status quo, while providing the highest quality of customer service possible.