Agency Pure

Digital Marketing Agency to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


After entering a new client contract, Agency Pure was introduced to a cloud-based environment where they fielded ad order requests from a network of client dealers. Since each order event represented incoming deposits and eventual financial obligations, Agency Pure became concerned when data integrity issues existed within the application environment.


Velo engaged in a weekly procedure of querying data from multiple databases to performing reconciliations of financial records to 1) confirm agreement, 2) report discrepant data, and 3) hold meetings to provide status updates occurring within the program.

  • Risk mitigation

  • Custom database environment

“Velo’s advisory services provided an important risk mitigation mechanism as we engaged in a new fulfillment environment with an important client. While providing this service they have been professional, detailed, and have blended well with our exiting team,”

says Tarik, owner of Agency Pure.