Fleet Feet

Boutique Retailer of athletic wear


After an asset sale, the owners of a Fleet Feet franchise were faced with all the tasks and challenges of setting up the infrastructure to support a fully operational business.


After establishing a chart of accounts and weekly cadences around recording transactions, Velo implemented an AP Automation solution to address the volume of invoices received from vendors, data visualization tools to aid in real time analysis of business movements, and tax planning touchpoints throughout the year to educate the new owners on mitigation strategies.

  • Automation solution for invoices

  • Tax planning touchpoints

  • Freed up time

“With Velo support, we are able to focus on things like staff culture, community outreach, and our in-store brand experience, which are foundational to our short and long-term success. Our accountants are accessible, pursue excellence, and provide us with insights to measure the financial health of our business,”

says Phil, Owner of Fleet Feet