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We amended tax returns for previous years after a change in ownership. We now meet with them annually to understand their evolving business model and how it relates to federal and state tax incentives. They have clarity within their business activities and how those activities translate to tax efficiency from project to project.


After a series of discovery calls with Office Oasis, Velo identified and implemented a series of tax strategies to reduce the upcoming year’s tax liability. Compared to initially forecasted tax liability figures, Office Oasis reduced its tax liability by 175,000 across a 2 year period. This allowed Office Oasis to invest in critical infrastructure to hire additional employees and launch new product lines.

  • Reduced tax liability by $175,000

  • Ability to invest in infrastructure

  • Solid tax strategy implementation

“Before switching over to Velo, my previous CPA simply told me 'this is how much you owe to the IRS.' This just shows you how important it is to have a solid tax strategy team on your side. I can't speak highly enough of the team at Velo Advisors. They will be instrumental in my business for years to come,”

says Kevin, Owner of Office Oasis.