We uncover these credits & incentives through offsets with future tax liabilities or these can be received as refunds back to the business. We take an approach through discovery through interviews with business owners & their teams to conduct thorough analysis for each business. These credits work through multiple industries and our intent is to increase profitability within the lower middle market. This helps create permanent tax reductions for the businesses that we work with.

Research and Development Federal Credit Programs

These income tax & payroll credits can be found through wages, contracted expenses, and supplies paid for that execute tasks & projects backed by engineering, science, or technology.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Programs

These payroll credits promote hiring from certain targeted groups that have had a difficult time finding employment.

Employee Retention Credit

These payroll credits are designed to help employers that were impacted by Covid-19 in the years 2020 & 2021

Film Credits

These state credits reward film & video production activities

Buying Tax Credits

These credits can be purchased to offset future business state tax liabilities

Representation & Resolution